I’ve managed to write every day this week, though not quite as evenly as I would like. So now I’m all caught up. I was noticing today that some things I sit down to write about I feel so strongly about that I look up, and I’ve hit my goals and gone beyond them, and haven’t noticed, and other things I have to concentrate and pull myself back from checking websites or going and cleaning the kitchen or deciding I need lunch. And there’s an interesting balance there. The things that come flowing out are important to me, and the momentum is wonderful, and my ability to pay attention to some topic means I should be writing about it. But sometimes the fact that it’s hard means just that: that it’s hard and important and that I need to keep pushing through to find the thing that I’m avoiding saying, or that I can’t figure out how to put into words, or that I need more thinking time (also known as “making another pot of tea” time).

Which is to say, I have this new observation about different kinds of writing, but I have *absolutely no idea* how to make it improve the quality/quantity/status quo of my life or writing. Which is about par for the course, and we’ll see what happens next. For now, this is what is.


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