Take a Child to the Theatre

When I was small, really from before I have any memories at all, I used to sit on the steps of the theatres where my mother was dancing and fold programs. Or I would sit next to my parents to watch a play, a concert, a dance performance. And I would be swept up in the magic. And at some point, I might fall asleep, head resting on my father’s shoulder. But that was never a waste. (well, sorry Mom and Dad, about that Marcel Marceau show at Berkeley we had to leave early, but that aside…)

Today is World Take a Child to the Theatre Day. I’ll be celebrating by reading part of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood to the girls.

Make a plan to take a child to the theatre. Or to read plays to them or with them, or to act out their favorite stories. Because we all need to live in another world sometimes, to experience another point of view, to inhabit magic, to hear the rhythms of another place.


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  1. Then there was getting blown across the studio in your rolling bouncer chair by dancers flying by you left and right. You were very tiny. In the midst of it, in the music…..

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