Looking back at 2015

In 2015, I wrote the full-length Preapocalyptica, which had an amazing cast for six staged readings.  The 10-minute Preapocalyptica made it into this year’s Best of Playground and had a 12-show run and is my first published play. I also wrote another seven 10-minute plays, one of which was produced at PlayGround in November.

I made a total of 18 submissions.

I saw 11 evenings of theatre, including two pantomimes, plus another three readings of new works (not counting Best of PlayGround or readings of Preapocalyptica)

I failed (due to pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, strep, and Fifth disease) to finish editing Preapocalyptica. And therefore didn’t submit it in the places I’d intended to. Similarly, I failed to write a new full-length, though I have ideas kicking around all over the place. And I failed to read any plays at all, which is absurd.

It was a phenomenal year. Next post: figure out what my goals are for 2015: bigger and better!

First half of 2015:

Wrote Preapocalyptica
Submitted 3 10-minute plays
Submitted 2 full-length plays (Preapocalyptica)
2 reading opportunities (6 readings of the full length, 1 reading of the 10-minute)
1 production (12 performances of the Preapocalyptica short)
Submitted 1 proposal (Apocalyptica)


Goals for the second half of 2015:
Write 1 more full length
Write 34 10-minute plays  (The Gods Were Ever Fickle, A different way to tell him I love you, Spirits of the Season, The Protest)

Submit Preapocalyptia (10 places 5 places)
Submit other plays (10 8)(four above, plus Katya’s Opuscule and Waiting)

Submit a proposal (1– Apocalyptica)

See plays (10 11(counting the 12 PlayGround plays as 2 nights of theatre))(PlayGround: Race Matters, PlayGround Musical Night, The Country House, Guys and Dolls, Head Over Heels, The Happiest Song Plays Last, Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, Sweat, Aliens Love Underpants, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland)
Read plays (6)



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