Goals for 2016

Thinking about goals (and looking at other people’s year-in-summary posts) is always daunting. The numbers of productions people have had, submission numbers (I’m looking at you, Patrick Gabridge and Donna Hoke), make me feel hopelessly behind as I sit here trying to work while the baby cries and I feel hopelessly old to be just starting out.

This year I’d like to carve out more time for writing:

  • 6 10-minute plays (last year it was 7)
  • Finish editing Preapocalyptica
  • Write two new full-length plays

I want to become better educated:

  • Read 12 plays — this is way too low.
  • Read 12 theatre-related books
  • (see more plays isn’t here. Because I still have a baby. Soon.)

I want to have more community:

  • Post to the blog every week (52 posts)
  • Look for a closer community
  • Reach out to other theatre artists
  • Reach out to the theatres I particularly want to work with
  • Work on my online identity

Submit more plays:

  • 10 short play submissions
  • 10 Preapocalyptica submissions
  • 10 other submissions
  • (Stretch goal: 52 submissions)
  • Get things set up to become a submitting machine.

Production goals (i.e. things I have no control over)

  • Get at least 1 thing in to PlayGround
  • Get or otherwise set up at least 2 readings
  • Get a production lined up

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