2016 Recap

This year I’d hoped to write

  • 6 10-minute plays
  • Finish editing Preapocalyptica
  • Write two new full-length plays

    I wrote

  • 8 10-minute plays (including “Don’t let the Pigeon Vote”, a 10-minute Commedia del arte show for 27 5-11-year-olds, and Floating in a Tin Can, Rossum’s Universal Truckers, Tsunami, Dogpatch Twins, Diaspora, Truth to Power, and The Other Kind for PlayGround)
  • 1 1-minute play (Uber for Fruit)
  • I finished a preliminary draft of the Orkney Project, which is less than I’d hoped.
  • I didn’t finish Preapocalyptica. (I’ve been blocked, and have been trying to figure out a way past it)

    I tried to improve my brain. This didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

  • I read some plays.
  • I read some theatre-related books.
  • I saw some shows. I have lost track of my carefully-curated lists. I didn’t do enough of any of these things. I have bookshelf-full just leering at me uncomfortably. I will do more this year.
  • Post to the blog — hahahahaha. 5 posts last year. Far less than the goal of one a week.
  • Look for a closer community — I’ve continued to do PlayGround, which I love (but which continues to be in Berkeley, though more events are in San Francisco these days). I’ve been reaching out to closer theatre and other playwrights, and will continue.
  • Work on my online identity — Hasn’t happened.


    I had a goal of:

    •    10 short play submissions
    •    10 Preapocalyptica submissions
    •    10 other submissions
    •    (Stretch goal: 52 submissions)
    •    Get things set up to become a submitting machine.

    I followed Donna Hoke’s advice on setting up to be a submitting machine. This year I managed 52 submissions! That breaks down into 16 submissions of 10-minute plays, 29 submissions of full lengths, and 19 submissions of Preapocalyptica.

    Production goals (i.e. things I have no control over)
    •    Get at least 1 thing in to PlayGround
    •    Get or otherwise set up at least 2 readings
    •    Get a production lined up

    Last (calendar) year I had one piece in PlayGround: Rossum’s Universal Truckers. I had one other short play performed at PACT. That gives me an audience of roughly 700 people who saw my work. Which is not shabby. I’d like to work on getting better statistics on that.

    I had one table reading, of Katya’s Opuscule, which left me energized to rewrite.

    I got one commission, for a ten-minute play about Tawawert, for SF Olympians next year.

    I also have a commission from PACT for another classroom play for use this spring.

    All in all, pretty good year.


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