2017 Goals

For 2017, I want to be more intentional. I want to divide up my work so that I’m not working on quite so many things all at once. In 2016 I felt perpetually behind, which wasn’t helpful for anything. (Realistically, I think not working on so many things all at once means “today is Tawawert day” rather than “January is Tawawert month”) I want to give myself baby steps that I can actually finish, rather than a snowballing todo list that I can’t find my way out from under. (Which is where I am right now)

So! To that end:

Attention goals (no numbers, no recording, no guilt, just try to do them every day)

  • Write every day
  • Read every day

Writing goals

  • 10 10-minute plays (6 for PlayGround, one PlayGround Alumni play, 2 for PACT, and Tawawert)
  • Finish a real draft of the Orkney Project
  • Write a new full length play

Editing goals

  • Finish editing Preapocalyptica
  • Finish editing Katya’s Opuscule

Education (this might be pushing it)

  •  Read 12 plays
  •  Read 12 other theatre books
  •  See 12 plays


  • Keep reaching out to local playwrights and theatre
  • Make a web page
  • 12 blog posts


  •  Total goal: 75 submissions

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