Custom Made Theatre Undiscovered Works 

by Erin Marie Panttaja
Directed by Emilie Talbot
Sept 30 @ 7 pm, 
Custom Made Theatre
533 Sutter St, San Francisco
Preapocalyptica was commissioned and originally developed by PlayGround (James A. Kleinmann, Artistic Director) in association with Planet Earth Arts.

Written by Erin Marie Panttaja, Directed by Emily Talbot, “Preapocalyptica” is about a fundamental disconnect: how can we live with horrible things, with a view that the world might end, and soon, within our or our children’s lifetimes, and still continue? How can we believe the news is dire, and that a solution may not occur, and yet continue to raise our children? How can we find ways to meaningfully contribute to change? How can we combat the meaningless (and figure out what it is). How do we go on in the face of destruction? “Preapocalyptica” is a play about a woman who is overwhelmed by the environmental problems of the world and moves out of her house to live in the street in an attempt to use nothing.


Melissa- Kim Donovan
Will- Peter Townley
Del- James Aaron Oh
Libby- Laura Domingo
Victoria- Julie Kuwabara
Hildy- Pamela Drummer-Williams

Moonrise over Potrero

photo by Emilie Talbot